We break down the barriers that prevent people from cycling, making it a safe, attractive and everyday mobility choice.

Who are we?

We create innovative cycle parking and infrastructure. Our team cares about green mobility and is dedicated to making all kinds of places more cycle-friendly.

Our award-winning products are designed by cyclists, to encourage everyday people to make the switch and experience the health, social and environmental benefits of riding a bike.


What do we do?

Since launching in the UK in 2008 we have worked with public and commercial organizations across all sectors, internationally.

Cyclehoop US launched in 2022, bringing our knowledge and passion to the North American market. We design and deliver our high-quality range of products, from cycle shelters and hubs to accessories, racks and stands.

Awards we've won

We have gone from strength to strength, receiving recognition from top awards programs:

  • Container Cycle Hub, Shortlisted for Best Innovation, Healthy Streets Awards, 2019
  • Cycle Hubs for Enfield, Shortlisted for Best Innovation, Healthy Streets Awards, 2019
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Our tight-knit team is passionate about cycling

Take a look below to put a face to the name.

Andy Lambert

C.E.O (North America)

Favorite part about working at Cyclehoop?

I feel so lucky to do work that I’m passionate about and I see this passion reflected in Cyclehoop; breaking down barriers to cycling by making it safe and attractive. I love that Cyclehoop supports cycling culture through social rides like IBikeLondon and facilitating open and inclusive events that encourage people to ride.

How often do you cycle?

Every day! I mostly ride for transportation and go on causal rides with my family. My favorite places to ride are rural gravel roads in northern and south eastern Minnesota.

Embarrassing cycling story

On a work trip to the Snowbasin resort near Ogden, Utah, I spent an afternoon demoing the latest full suspension mountain bikes. Upon our return to the chalet, I decided to ride a wheelie in the parking lot (while still clipped-in). I had never ridden a wheelie on a bike with rear suspension and ended up flat on my back in front of dozens of co-workers. A quick trip to the hospital followed where an X-ray revealed that I had fractured my sacrum. The worst part was having to re-tell the story to those who didn’t witness the incident.

Prior to working at Cyclehoop

My passion for making streets more bike friendly was born when I was a bicycle courier for a local coffee roaster. Pulling a 300lb trailer full of coffee beans through traffic made me realize the importance of well designed cycle infrastructure. In 2013, I joined Bike Fixtation who designed and manufactured the repair stands and pumps that Cyclehoop distributes. That company was later acquired by Saris Infrastructure where I was the Global Sales Manager for 5 years.


Founder & Design Director

Favourite part about working at Cyclehoop

I love designing products for cyclists and seeing them on the street being used every day. It gives me great pleasure to create products that make cycling easier, safer and more convenient which helps encourage more people to take up cycling.

How often do you cycle?

I often cycle to work and use the bike to get around town which is much quicker than the tube or bus. Every month we organise IBikeLondon rides and ride around the city with hundreds of other cyclists and I can be found riding one of the music sound systems!

Embarrassing cycling story:

Cycling and trousers don’t go well. I’ve torn holes into most of my trousers I wear and once did this before an important meeting…

Prior to working at Cyclehoop...

I previously worked as an architect in London and came up with the Cyclehoop idea after my bicycle was stolen. It won a design competition and the rest is history!


Managing Director

Favourite part about working at Cyclehoop

It’s great to be part of a company so involved in cycling culture, not only providing excellent cycle facilities, but also promoting cycling itself and encouraging everyone to get involved.

How often do you cycle?

5-6 days a week.

Embarrassing cycling story:

I’ve been lucky so far…but I guess there’s always the naked bike ride to look forward to!

Prior to working at Cyclehoop...

Despatch Manager for a fishing tackle manufacturer.

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